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Can I Modify a Child Support Agree?

Either parent can ask the court to modify a child support agreement. Whether the court will actually grant your request is another matter.


My Ex- spouse leaves our children at home alone what age can a child be left alone?

Most parents understand that it is always wrong to leave an infant or toddler home alone while you go out - even for a quick run to the store.

Does Remarriage Affect Custody and Visitation?


Grounds for Divorce?

The law requires that you give the court a reason to grant your divorce.

What happens when we want a Divorce in a Different State or Country?

How do I do a Name Change After Divorce?

What happens when we Divorce and go Bankrupt?

Who decides on the Division of Marital Property in Divorce?

How do I do a Dissolution or Annulment of Marriage-Like Relationships?

Who decides who gets the custody of our children in a divorce?

 How do we Change a Custody Agreement?

My ex Abducted our children after our Divorce what do I do?

What happens when the visitations rights are abused?

Does Remarriage Affect Custody and Visitation?

How do I Collect Past-Due Child Support Payments?

How Child Support Affects Your Taxes


What Can Child Support Be Used For?

We are not married but want to adopt what is the rules on that?

What Are the Rights of an Adopted Person?

What are my Rights as an Adoptive Parents?

Using a Surrogate, Parent or Donors to Have a Child what are the laws on that?

We are unmarried Parents what are our rights?

 What are the Legal Consequences of Remarriage?

Do we need a Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements?

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